Card Layout

Here is some insight about our card layout: All cards are laid out in a similar way. They are divided into 2 categories: Action Cards (square art box) and Reaction Cards (hexagonal art box).

We’ll use the Exploding Bunny as an example.

The border around the art is colour-coded, every colour specific to a certain character. A white border means the card can be used by any character.

Underneath the art, you will find text, explaining what the card does.

In the bottom left corner, there are stars (1/5 in this case), indicating the level of the card. Each time you upgrade a card, it will increase one level, up to a maximum of 5. More about upgrading cards later.

In the bottom right corner is a number. The value from every card in your deck is added up to determine the initiative value of your character. The lower your value, the better and this determines your turn order. More on turn order later.

As with all these card spotlights, please note that art, wording and values are subjected to change.

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