Immortalize yourself in Rise of Humanity!

What is RoHBot?

RoHBot is short for Rise of Humanity Discord Bot, a bot that lets you play a text based game on discord. This game predates the events that play out in Rise of Humanity, the strategic roguelike deckbuilding game for PC and is very different from this experience. However, it will have some minor similarities when it comes to card, hero and enemy names.

RoHBot is about gaining booster packs, opening them and finding the cards you need to slay enemy robots and other players.

Playing RoHBot is fully optional!

How do you start playing?

First things first. You need to join our Discord server.

Once you have joined, You will have to align yourself with a class in the game. Then head over to the hideout and use R!Help. This will list all available commands.

What is next?

Using R!I you get to see your inventory and all the cards you have.

R!Open will open a booster in your inventory. Every booster will contain 3 cards of various rarities. Legendary boosters will give access to the best cards. While common boosters are cheap and can help grow your collection.

Once you have some cards you might want to head to the game play channels. Here you can see a list of enemies using the R!Robots.

R!Play lets you play cards to fight these robots. However, make sure to check what a card does using R!Info <Card>.

How do I immortalize myself?

Killing robots and other players will get you kill points! These points will be useful later as the top 100 players from each class will be immortalized in the Rise of Humanity full game! More info will be released later!