Exploding Bunny

Let’s have a look at the Exploding Bunny, by far one of the most popular cards during all of the playtests we have been running so far. This cute bunny is stuffed full of explosives and does lots of damage.

The first thing you might notice about the card is that it has a green border. This means it’s a card, that is exclusive to a character, in this case The Hunter. Every character will have access to 30 unique cards.

On to all the text.

Ranged Area Attack 3/5/1”. This means it has 3 throwing range, does 5 damage and has a 1 hex damage radius. Pretty powerful!
It’s also a “One Shot“, which means that once used, the card will not reshuffle into your deck once all your cards have been used/discarded.

We will explain more about the card lay-out in another post soon.

As with all these card spotlights, please note that art, wording and values are subject to change.