Quick Reflexes

With Quick Reflexes, we give you a look at a different type of card, the Reaction card. They can be easily identified by the hexagonal border around the artwork.

You can play up to 2 Reaction cards in your turn and these will be activated during an enemy’s turn, if a certain condition is met. If not activated during your enemies’ turn, the Reaction cards are discarded at the start of your new turn.

Quick Reflexes

In this case, the condition is that when an enemy or ally attacks you, you will dodge his first attack or effect of the card you are being attacked with, preventing all damage of that single attack.

This also works on your own cards, e.g. if you are in the range of the previously explained Exploding Bunny you can actually dodge the damage of that card.

Check the post on card lay-out for details on the bottom symbols and numbers.

As with all these card spotlights, please note that art, wording and values are subject to change.

Card - Quick Reflexes