6 tips to ace Rise of Humanity’s new missions

Rise of Humanity’s new Destroy missions will have you in a field with bombs scattered all over the place. You must eliminate these bombs before they explode… Here are some tips on how you can ace this mission in Rise of Humanity!

The levels usually have three or four bombs, each with a different amount of turns given until they explode. Sometimes the bombs are hidden by fog of war… They may be placed on very different parts of the map, so you need to plan wisely in order to get to all of them in time. Here are some tips on how you can do so.

1. Focus on the bombs

It may be very tempting to start slaying those bots right away, but in a Destroy mission, we’d advise to always focus on damaging the bombs first. Try to avoid the enemies as much as you can or make use of Memory’s powerful debuff skills (immobilize, disarm and so on) to keep them at bay.

2. A good division of labour

Normally it’s a good idea to keep your heroes together so they stand a better chance against a massive horde of enemies. But what happens when you have to scramble to disarm a bunch of explosive bioweapons that are scattered all over the place?

In such a case, splitting your team works better. Check where the bombs are and which ones will blow up first. (In the top right corner, you’ll see how many turns you have left before the bang.) Attack the first bomb with two of your heroes while sending the third one for the bomb that is next in line for a bang.


3. Watch out for them Puppies

Puppies in Rise of Humanity are pretty nasty on their own. They become even more of a menace though when you have to rush to disarm bombs and they come and immobilize you with their Cripple attacks. It’s a good idea to be (even more) vigilant about these evil doggos. Try not to wake them up or make sure to use a dodge card (Quick Reflexes or Raise Defense) to avoid being stuck in one place while those bombs go boom on you.

4. Do the math

Keep your most powerful cards for da bomb. Hunter’s Ice Axe or Turbo Jabs will work wonders, especially if you give them a little boost with an Enrage card. And of course, a Bunny will go a long way.
If you have Memory on your team, you’re in luck. You can pretty much send this powerful hacker against a bomb on her own, by discarding a bunch of Energy Overload cards you can deal a whole lotta damage without even using any energy.


5. Shut Down to the rescue

It’s always a good idea to collect more cards by looting toolboxes and slaying them Crushers. But it can be even more useful when you have a bunch of ticking bombs on your plate. A powerful card like the Shut Down can save you a lot of trouble by eliminating one of these menaces at once. Be careful though, the bombs do have to have less than 8 health points for this mighty card to be effective.

6. Fight fire with fire

If you have a bunch of enemies surrounding the bomb, make use of your explosives (Bunnies, grenades, Mollie Cocktails) to hit two (or more) birds with one stone. Not only will you take out the bomb in time but deal damage to those big bad robots at the same time. This will get you more points and thus, a higher score on our leaderboards.

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