Card tips and tricks: 4 cards with hidden powers you didn’t think of

I’m here to share some tips & tricks you can use to be a master of decks in Rise of Humanity

I bet you have slayed many a Crusher with the Ice Axe card or blown up a bunch of puppies with an Exploding Bunny.
But there are many other cards
our game offers that might have a less obvious benefit at first sight. Here are some that you can use in a more tactical way.

1. Take control of robots with Memory’s Movement Disfunction







This card can be useful if you want to:

  • disengage from an enemy without discarding any of your precious cards
  • move an enemy next to you so you can melee attack its butt.

Moreover, you can make enemies walk into a claymore or a hotzone that will make them suffer damage. Just like on our GIF above!


2. Use reaction cards like a boss







Su’s Raise Defense or the Quick Reflexes card will not only protect you from enemy attacks but from yourself, too.

Try tactical moves like luring all enemies around you and then throwing a Bunny on yourself to blow them all up. Just make sure you have enough energy first!


3. Be the new sheriff in town with Hunter’s Lasso







Though it might seem a bit ‘less cool’ compared to an Exploding Bunny or a Mollie Cocktail, this card can come in handy. It can:

  • pull an enemy close when out of stamina for a melee attack.
  • pull an enemy into a Claymore you deployed or a hotzone dealing damage.
  • use it to debuff reaction cards like the Puppy’s block move or Strike Back.

4. Take a sneak peek into an enemy’s hand with Delete Program







This powerful little card of Memory can be useful to make Puppies lose their sneaky Cripple cards that can immobilize your heroes. Or force a Drone out of its healing powers by making it discard a Repair Ally card!


Curious for more? Click HERE for the full list of our card tips and tricks or head on over to Steam to try these tactical moves in the game!