New play mode in alpha playtest

Alpha playtesting reaches new phase

Early September, we expanded our small initial group of playtesters to include 100+ enthusiastic gamers, ready to provide gameplay feedback and uncover any and all bugs still in the game at this early stage.

Very exciting for us as a game studio, as well as for the players, is the introduction of a new play mode.

Story mode or daily challenge mode?

Next to our campaign in Story Mode, where players will build and improve a team of characters on their quest to defeat the rogue AI and its robotic minions, we now introduce Daily Challenge mode.

Alpha test - Daily Challenge mode

Every day, a randomly generated daily challenge will present you with three characters that you lead through three environments with three challenge modifiers.

On the daily leaderboard, players will be able to compete against other players, their scores determined by several factors:

Score summary

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