New demo available during Steam Digital Tabletop Fest

The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest is an event, running this week from Wednesday 21st to Monday 26th of September.

Rise of Humanity celebrates the event by launching a new demo of the upcoming game.

What’s new?

A lot has changed since the demo that was released during the Steam Games Festival of June this year.

We added:

  • Quality-of-Life features, including UI changes, a host of new icons to easily explain game conditions, the option to see your opponent’s deck of cards,…
  • Another environment has been added: the Quarry
  • A new way to play Rise of Humanity: Daily Challenges

What are daily challenges?

In our daily challenge, you get to play three missions each day. These randomly generated missions have a set of 3 daily changing battle conditions and you play with 3 heroes.

Play the daily challenge every day and fight your way to the top of our leaderboards.

Beat the leaderboard and win!

On Friday 23rd, we will be running a daily challenge competition.