Rise of Humanity demo available during Steam Game Festival

Cybernetic Walrus has today announced that their upcoming turn-based deck building game, Rise of Humanity, will come to the Steam Game Festival. During the Steam Game Festival, players will get hands on with the game for the first time, with the free demo build that is available. 

With our participation in the upcoming Steam Game Festival, this is the first time people worldwide will have the opportunity to play the game. We look forward to hearing about people’s experiences and what they expect of a game like Rise of Humanity. – Mike Coeck, CEO, Cybernetic Walrus

Inspired by tactical games like XCOM and the deck building mechanics of Slay the Spire, Rise of Humanity blends strategy with deckbuilding, with each character’s unique deck affecting their abilities throughout the game. Featuring grid-based procedurally generated missions, mastering the cards available will be key to taking the world back from the AI that dominates it.

Play the free demo on Steam, exclusively during the Steam Game Festival, starting 9th of June!