Find out about the exciting updates coming to the game today!

We’re thrilled to share some of the new updates coming to our turn-based deckbuilding game with the new build, including a cool new hero, new cards and skills. Join our Discord to request a key, you can take part in our tournament and watch us play the brand new version live today from 6pm CET!

A brand new character…

All we can tell you for now is that she is a badass lady who goes by the name ‘’Engineer’’ and who knows how to use bots and turn them against the enemy! With her incredible technical skills she will be a powerful new asset to your team of heroes for sure!

Powerful new cards

Our Engineer has some crafty tricks up her sleeve that she can use against them nasty bots. With her ‘’Stomp’’ move, she can literally trample the enemy using her own bot, dealing 2 damage points to her victim. Be careful though, because she will also push the attacked enemy one hex away with this powerful combat move!

The Engineer can also deploy a Mobile Mine and a Turret, both of which are smaller devices that help her in battle: the first one is a target-seeking mine that explodes on impact and blows up enemies, while the Turret is a powerful tool for range attacks.

A new location, beautiful scenery, but wait…

We have already shared some screenshots of the Biofarm location and now we’re happy to share that from tomorrow, it’s playable in story mode and in the daily challenges as well! Feast your eyes on its stunning scenery, but be aware that it is filled with wicked bots, nasty robot puppies and sneaky drones!

Rise of Humanity turn-based card game location Biofarm

A few (very useful) new features

We have also added some exciting new skills:

  • Every character can now lock a card and keep it for the next round.
  • You can now discard one of your cards to move, even if you have no movement cards in your hand.
  • You can also sacrifice one of the cards you don’t need and switch it for a randomly selected card with a melee attack – which can definitely come in handy with the many vicious enemies around!

We have also done some bug fixes, added more sounds to the game and made several improvements on lighting, hexes and many more!