Meet Alex, a hero with healing powers and a deep hatred towards the machines!

Once a field medic, Alex is a powerful hero with healing skills and attacks that can corrode the enemy bots! Their anger and deep revulsion towards the machines make them a very complicated character – healing people but wanting to hurt everything else…

Rise of Humanity turn-based strategy game character Alex

Having lost everything dear to them in the raid on a refugee camp, Alex vowed not to rest until they destroy the AI that has taken over the world. Their outspoken hatred to the machines make them a rather complex hero – they respect Su’s authority but reject it at the same time due to their very different views.

Rise of Humanity turn-based strategy game character Alex

The ruthless Alex is one of the most controversial characters in the game with a very bleak vision of the world. As a healer, they are very caring to their loved ones, but they have a lot of anger boiling inside them that make them rather dangerous.

They have a deep knowledge of robots and how to slowly destroy them, which they use quite often in battle – making the crushers and other enemy machines disintegrate with corrosion.