Meet the heroes from Rise of Humanity!

Many years ago, machines turned against humans and the world as we know it stopped to exist.  Find out what happened and learn more about our band of odd heroes that take upon the fight against the vicious enemy bots!

Rise of Humanity turn-based card game characters

Somewhere in Western Europe, 2081. The world has been taken over by an AI gone rogue. Once created to help mankind, machines are now roaming the empty streets in search for the remainders of their makers to destroy them.

In this desolate world, you embark on an adventurous journey to battle the malicious robots and save humanity! You find yourself at the entrance of an odd, long abandoned theme park, hearing a mysterious signal coming from the radio. Fight your way through the Crushers to find out who or what is sending the transmission!

As you reach new locations in the game, you meet a bunch of loveable misfit characters, the survivors of the onslaught that started 50 years ago. Lead them to battle, build their decks wisely to make them stronger and complete strategic missions to progress in the story!

Meet the Characters!

Rise of Humanity turn-based card game character Hunter

Hunter has lost his girlfriend and new-born child to the machines when the onslaught started. He has spent the past twenty years hunting down bots and creating new weapons, such as a pink bunny plush toy that he had successfully turned into a deadly grenade. 

His mind is solely focused on his anger and on avenging the death of his family. Silent and deadly, he slays his enemies with grace and efficiency, some might say he is effortlessly cool. Find out more about him in our article here!

Memory is a typical late teenager going through difficult times, and can act as a real jerk sometimes with her cynical, sarcastic comments. However, she still develops a deep bond with Su, whom she considers a mother figure, as well as the Hunter, of whom she is quite fond of (which she only expresses in the form of teasing). 

Rise of Humanity turn-based strategy game character Memory

She is a powerful fighter who can use electricity to disarm, immobilize and shock robots without getting in close proximity with them – definitely very useful skills in combat!

Rise of Humanity turn-based card game character Su

Su is a badass inventor who knows how to use bots and turn them against the enemy. She uses her own walkbot, Walker, when going into battle. Thanks to her incredible technical skills, she can deploy time bombs, turrets, and mobile mines to attack the enemies with. 

She acts as a mother to Memory and even refers to her as her daughter, and tends to have (rather one-sided) dialogues with Walker.

The ruthless Alex is one of the most controversial characters in the game with a very bleak vision of the world. As a healer, they are very caring to their loved ones, but they have a lot of anger boiling inside them that make them rather dangerous. They have a deep knowledge of robots and how to slowly destroy them, which they use quite often in battle – making the crushers and other enemy machines disintegrate with corrosion.

Rise of Humanity turn-based strategy game character Alex

Find out more about the characters and the game here!